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DeutscheBack offers tailor-made enzymes systems,  baking improvers,  premixes and ingredient solutions that enable efficient and cost-effective industrial baking. We help you to respond to the wide-ranging consumer demands to create baked goods that look and taste good with our functional ingredients. Putting decades of baking knowledge and practical experience at your disposal, our success story: individual and target-oriented.

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Bread and roll improvers

Bread and bun improvers

The technical requirements of bakeries differ as widely as the range of baked goods being offered. Our presence in many markets globally has led us to develop highly efficient and risk-eliminating localized baking improvers. Our frozen dough improvers ensure a good dough yield and stability, high moisture retention and freshness even when baked later.

Fresh Keeping BreadFresh keeping in bread

The freshness and elasticity of bread crumb are decisive purchase criteria. Good quality bread that is pleasantly fresh will be chosen even days after production, with less return of stale bread. By using our TopBake Fresh range, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the softness of the crumb through the specific enzymatic breakdown of the starch, extending the shelf life of the baked goods even after multiple days or even weeks.

Gluten enhancer

Small presence or weak wheat gluten in dough can have a negative effect on dough stability and volume. When the flour is low in gluten or the dough is highly stressed during the baking process, vital wheat gluten is added. With prices rising steadily in recent years due to growing demands, our TopBake Gluten Enhancer can compensate gluten to ensure and improve the quality of the final baked goods.
Enzyme Compounds

Volume and stability

Maintaining the stability of dough during production process and its volume after baking are challenges that bakers face every day. With our range of enzyme compounds, we are able to adjust the formulas and ensure consistent quality throughout the production process. Our ‘clean’ and ‘lean’ label solutions are optimized for each customer’s specific demand.

Water ReductionWater absorption

The water binding capacity of the dough plays a crucial role in the cost efficiency of production. A high-water binding capacity can influence the stability and consistency and ultimately, the quality of the finished products. Our high-performance TopBake WA baking improvers optimizes water absorption and enhances stability of dough.
Salt Reduction

Salt reduction

Besides loss of flavour, a reduction of salt usage has an adverse effect on the stickiness, stability and gas retention capacity of the dough. Our enzyme compound serves as a salt substitute, enabling bakers to obtain the function properties of salt without its detrimental consequences to health.


Yeast dough improvers

Most suitable for the production of yeast dough, our baking concentrates and compounds greatly increase the volume, stability and shelf life of yeast-raised goods.

Fresh keeping in pastry goods

With our osmotolerant enzymes, it is possible to improve and extend the shelf-life and moistness of pastries even in sugar-rich products. For rich and heavy doughs, our TopSweet Fresh Cake range of solutions are the best choice.

Easy-to-use muffins and cakes premixes

Regardless of production setup, our range of TopSweet Premix solutions guarantees consistent quality in the final product in terms of appearance, volume, texture and taste. The simplified management of raw materials and streamlined production process are both highly appreciated by the production and purchasing team.

Egg-free and vegan solutions

The vegan diet posed a big challenge for bakeries since ingredients such as dairy and eggs are essential for creating structure or achieving a desired texture specifically in sweet baked goods. DeutscheBack offers solutions to produce egg-free or fully plant-based baked goods to meet these requirements.

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