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Decades of Stern-Wywiol Gruppe experience in food and process technology, especially by our sister company Hydrosol, are in our DNA. Planteneers bundles all the key capabilities in the manufacture of plant-based foods, with an unmatched bandwidth of knowledge on applications, raw materials and textures.

With this uniquely comprehensive toolbox, we develop plant-based meat, dairy and deli alternatives for food manufacturers around the world. From the choice of raw materials for custom functional systems to pilot tests to upscaling for mass production, we offer everything from a single source. Nobody but Planteneers can do that.


Product applications


Planteneers’ all-in compounds for vegetarian and vegan cold cuts, and for alternatives to scalded sausage and ground meat, provide familiar bite, authentic mouth feel, appetizing appearance and a pleasing basic seasoning.


Plant-based alternatives to meat, sausage and dairy products have long since gone mainstream, and fish alternatives are now the next big thing in vegan products.

Milk and yogurt

Our stabilising systems for vegan alternatives to dairy products like cooking cream and drinks provide balanced sensory factors, familiar consistency and good processing characteristics.


Ice cream

Sauces & Dressings

Other trend products for vegan enjoyment are our stabilising systems for egg-free deli creams. Using fiildDeli series integrated compounds, fine emulsions can be made with different fat contents.

Hybrid meat

With our stabilising systems meat producers and dairies can also get in on the plant-based boom.

Our competence and innovation

Plant-based alternatives.
Everything from a single source.

Development of individual functional systems

Formulation of new recipes and recipe improvements

Process improvements

Versatile applications laboratory

Assistance with production testing

Education, training, seminars

Help with new marketing concepts

On-site consulting

Let’s make better food together!

We’re the leaders in the flour industry. Drop us a message if you would like to explore the possibilities of flour improvement, fortification and more!

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