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We’re the texture experts. Let’s elevate taste with our stabilising systems!

We see ourselves as designers who combine different materials together to help you achieve quality products. Based on hydrocolloid, protein and emulsifier combination, Hydrosol offers tailor-made stabilising systems for a range of well-loved items including ice cream, meat and fish products.

Our trials ensure that we realistically simulate your production processes to ensure that we achieve best possible results together, even adjust textures as per your desire and requirements to achieve cost efficiency. Our ingredients complexes are unique but have one thing in common, they work together perfectly.

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A place for innovation

Our creativity comes alive in the 3000 square meter Hydrosol labs. Our team of R&D specialists spend their day in the dairy, deli food, meat and fish; and ice cream lab equipped with pilot production systems.

Let’s discover the world of sustainable plant-based alternatives!

We’re changing the way you develop plant-based alternatives. Drop us a message if you would like to explore the possibilities!

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