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SternVitamin develops high quality vitamin and mineral premixes to fortify food products. These premix concepts deliver essential micronutrients for increasing immunity and improving the overall health of consumers. The applications for these premixes are wide—from incorporating micronutrients in energy drinks to fortifying food for humanitarian causes, manufacturing infant food, or even creating plant-based meat substitutes.

We’ll help you from start to end, beginning at the brainstorming stage. Scroll to the next section to explore some of our existing applications.

Our micronutrient premixes in
the various product areas

Food supplements

Create your unique brand of vitamin supplements or develop a customised micronutrient blend by leveraging our knowledge on vitamins, minerals, carrier substances, and dosage forms.


Customise the perfect micronutrient premix to give your beverage products a health boost. From isotonic drinks to vitamin-enhanced energy shots, the possibilities to incorporate vitamins in beverages are endless.

Dairy products

The demand for vitamin fortification in dairy is on the rise. We can develop vitamin blends for your milk, yoghurt or cheese products and even adapt the premixes to specific target groups such as young children or the elderly.

Vegetarian and
vegan products

A plant-based diet can lead to micronutrient deficiency. Fortify your plant-based product with micronutrient solutions to complete its nutritional profile, or develop a plant-based alternative to meat and dairy to cater to this trending food segment.

Infant food

Infant food should have the nutrient content of breast milk. It’s also crucial that baby food be manufactured under strict hygiene and quality requirements. Our micronutrient premixes cater specifically to these requirements.

Bakery products

Fortifying baked goods with vitamins and minerals has proven to be very popular in recent years. Whether it’s Vitamin A to improve vision, Vitamin E for better skin, or even added calcium for bone health, we can develop the right premix for your requirements.


Fortified sweets and fruit gums are particularly suitable for children while dextrose-based confectionaries infused with multivitamins, calcium, and magnesium are perfect for athletes. Sugar and vitamins can certainly be a delectable combination—we’ll help you get there.

Staple foods

Our colleagues at Mühlenchemie have been fortifying flour for many years to deliver micronutrients via staple foods such as bread. We can take it a step further to incorporate premixes for rice, oils, fats, and salt, in compliance with the regulations in your country.

Food aid

We supply micronutrient premixes for food products that meet the strict requirements of the WFP, local government ministries and other humanitarian agencies. Tap on our knowledge base if you work in food aid and would like to customise an individual mix for your target group.


Give your breakfast cereals an extra helping of micronutrients to win over new target groups. We’ll help you develop the vitamin premix to be incorporated into the cereal during production; either in dough, or as a coating.

Tried and tested by our customers

SternVitamin draws on collective synergies from its sister companies in the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. Our network of 150 developers located in seven R&D centres worldwide conduct research on the interaction between the functional active ingredients in each product, and their impact on the end product. This helps us fine-tune our micronutrient premixes to the customer, location, and even manufacturing process.

Tried and tested by our customers

From conception to final product

A premix goes through several stages until it is manufactured or sold. We’ll support you at every step of the way: beginning with ideation, to development, fine-tuning, and eventually ironing out the manufacturing process of the product.

Sternmaid Process

Let’s make healthier food together!

We’re the micronutrient people. Drop us a message if you would like to explore the possibilities of food fortification or brainstorm upcoming food trends.

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