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Around 450 million tonnes of flour is processed annually to make food. Much of that come through us for treatment. We’ve been treating flour since 1923 and are trusted partners of more than 2,000 mills in 130 countries.

Today, we’re a full service provider for all things related to flour treatment, including flour solutions, lab analysis and rheology tests, small lab wheat milling, baking trials, training, and consultancy.


Want to improve your flour?

Bread and rolls

Is there a more economical way to get a more tender crumb or a crisper crust?

Biscuits and wafers

How can I reduce blistering so my biscuits keep their shape after cutting?


What other ingredients can I combine my flour with to ensure that my cooked pasta stays al dente for a longer time?

Special purpose flours

What are the baking enzymes I should include in my baguette flour premix to ensure consistent results?

Roti and steamed buns

What are the special ingredients required to manufacture my local specialities?

How to use amylase

Amylase is an enzyme that occurs naturally in yeast. When added to flour, it breaks down complex starches into simple sugars and causes the bread to rise as a result of CO2 production.

Flour fortification for preventive healthcare

Many of us today are consuming rich food with low nutritional value. To combat micronutrient deficiency, organisations are fortifying flour to deliver much-needed vitamins and minerals to large sections of the population. Flour fortification is already present in almost 90 countries.

Besides improving flour with an additional source of enzymes, we can also support you with tailor-made premixes, expert advice, and advanced technical equipment.

Flour fortification for preventive healthcare

FlourWorld Museum

The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg, Germany, showcases the history of flour and its influence around the world. Highlights in the museum include “Ötzi”, a reproduction of a 5300-year-old man who once lived in the Alps, and a two-thousand-year-old Egyptian mummy filled with Nile silt and grain.

World Flour Day

Flour is the foundation of many staple foods consumed around the world. To honour the ingredient, as well as the people that underpin the flour industry, we celebrate the annual World Flour Day on March 20. Learn more about the activities and initiatives on this special day from the World Flour Day website.

Let’s make better food together!

We’re the leaders in the flour industry. Drop us a message if you would like to explore the possibilities of flour improvement, fortification and more!

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